How to choose a fur coat

You can buy a fur coat in many cities in Greece. This country produces very high quality of furs that become one of the key elements of women's wardrobe. It is used not only for sewing fur products, but also for finishing coats, vests and jackets, as well as for the manufacture of all kinds of accessories from scarves, shawls and gloves to bags. Fur is one of the most beautiful and luxurious materials for making clothes.This natural material with long life is popular for it’s comfort and unique beauty.

The fur trade is strictly controlled at the national and international level in order to guarantee the preservation of animal populations living in different parts of the world. Fur is used not only for output but also as a casual wear. Fashion proposals satisfy a wide variety of needs and tastes both in terms of design and style, from the luxurious fur coats to jackets, which can be worn on a daily basis.

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Jewelry in Greece

Jeweller art exists in Greece for centuries. Greek women were wearing thin, exquisite works of gold jewelry when Europeans were still wrapped in animal skins. Heinrich Schliemann was struck by the richness and variety of Greek women's jewelry. Photographs of his wife Sophia with jewelry found in the excavations are almost more impressive than the Homeric epics.

You can remind about your feelings to your beloved in beautifully and unobtrusively way by presenting her a jewelry. There is abundance of jewelry stores in Greece. They are scattered over large and small towns, sea and mountain resorts. You’ll meet jewelry stores when you have a luxury Santorini tours from cruise ship and even in the forgotten villages on remote islands. They are required everywhere!

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Bathing in ancient Greece

Noble Greek women had a bath and huge stone jars, which slaves had filled with hot and cold water. Each family had a set of various massage oils with warming, toning, relaxing effects. The basis of these oils was always olive oil. Greeks understood well in extracts from medicinal plants that were added in sets.

Washing by pitchers with water was committed every night before going to bed. Greeks cleaned their teeth in the morning and evening, using chalk and special split. And this is truly a great achievement of civilization. Perhaps this is due to the observance of dental hygiene.The Greeks were a healthy nation. The descendants were able to reach the same life expectancy as in ancient Greece only in the twentieth century.

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