How to choose a fur coat

You can buy a fur coat in many cities in Greece. This country produces very high quality of furs that become one of the key elements of women's wardrobe. It is used not only for sewing fur products, but also for finishing coats, vests and jackets, as well as for the manufacture of all kinds of accessories from scarves, shawls and gloves to bags. Fur is one of the most beautiful and luxurious materials for making clothes.This natural material with long life is popular for it’s comfort and unique beauty.

The fur trade is strictly controlled at the national and international level in order to guarantee the preservation of animal populations living in different parts of the world. Fur is used not only for output but also as a casual wear. Fashion proposals satisfy a wide variety of needs and tastes both in terms of design and style, from the luxurious fur coats to jackets, which can be worn on a daily basis.

Current models are simple and easy. The variety of fur products has increased significantly. You can find sheared fur, combination of different types of fur, an extended range of colors, the combination with other materials, laser processing and etc. You need to decide what kind of fur do you prefer. It is necessary to keep in mind several parameters before buying a fur product:

  1. kind of fur;
  2. colour;
  3. the size and length of the product;
  4. the shape and silhouette;
  5. for which cases it is intended.

You should remember that fur does not pour in, does not crumble, does not paint a hand, while stroking the direction of the pile in the opposite direction does not leave in the hands of hairs and easily returns to its original condition. Good fur coat does not crackle and rustle. A well-tanned furs is not completely sewn, so it makes it possible to look at the quality of the inner side. The membrane should be soft and always light, regardless of the color of the fur. It is especially important when you buy a product, sewn from plucking fur.