Jewelry in Greece

Jeweller art exists in Greece for centuries. Greek women were wearing thin, exquisite works of gold jewelry when Europeans were still wrapped in animal skins. Heinrich Schliemann was struck by the richness and variety of Greek women's jewelry. Photographs of his wife Sophia with jewelry found in the excavations are almost more impressive than the Homeric epics.

Archaeological museums in Athens, Thessaloniki, Benaki Museum and others have extensive and unique collections from the Archaic period to the present day. Here you can find the golden crowns, necklaces with golden fruits, floral cups or dolphins, rings with overlays of various shapes, bracelets made in snake’s form or leaves of the vine, tiaras, medallions. Figure of Eros is extremely popular traditional Greek.

You can remind about your feelings to your beloved in beautifully and unobtrusively way by presenting her a jewelry. There is abundance of jewelry stores in Greece. They are scattered over large and small towns, sea and mountain resorts. You’ll meet jewelry stores when you have a luxury private Santorini tours and even in the forgotten villages on remote islands. They are required everywhere!

Athens is a city for buyers looking for unique acquisition. You will find a wide variability of antique replicas, decorations, executed in Greek national style or meet the latest trends in modern jewelry in many stores of ​​Kolonaki and Syntagma Square. Most of them is made by local craftsmen.

The history of Greek jewelry is deeply rooted in antiquity, so modern jewelers have to resort to the most sophisticated fantasy to compete their predecessors in the art. Craftsmen working in the Greek jewelry shops use traditional methods, creating beautiful handmade jewelry in European style and copies of antique jewelry that are especially in demand.