Bathing in ancient Greece

Cosmetics is a Greek word: kosmetikemeans «the art of decorating». However, noble Greek women used it not in the modern mean of this word. The ancient Greeks prevailed cult of purity.

Noble Greek women had a bath and huge stone jars, which slaves had filled with hot and cold water. Each family had a set of various massage oils with warming, toning, relaxing effects. The basis of these oils was always olive oil. Greeks understood well in extracts from medicinal plants that were added in sets.

Washing by pitchers with water was committed every night before going to bed. Greeks cleaned their teeth in the morning and evening, using chalk and special split. And this is truly a great achievement of civilization. Perhaps this is due to the observance of dental hygiene.The Greeks were a healthy nation. The descendants were able to reach the same life expectancy as in ancient Greece only in the twentieth century.

Bathing in the bathtub was frequently because it required a large amount of hot water. But no matter how men were hungry and tired after long trips, they bathed first and then sat down at the table. Let us recall the story from mythology: King Agamemnon, returned from the Trojan War went to wash in the company of his captive Cassandra immediately. He relaxed, dozed off and was killed by a jealous wife Clytemnestra. She threw on a bath blanket and struck three blows with the sword.

The Greeks relaxed in the bath and then steamed out smeared skin with olive oil and gently scraped, removing dead skin particles. Wealthy people used special silver spatula and sharp shells for this purpose. They treated feet, knees, elbows and hands by the pieces of very expensive pumice. Thenthey had massage and application of aromatic compounds.

Both men and women removed hair from the body, leaving them only on the head. The methods were different.Hairwere wound on a horse hair and pulled, some used a mixture of sugar or resin. The main objective was to give the body the smoothness of the marble statue.